Crispy Christmas Cookies

It’s almost Christmas and it’s time for Christmas Cookies – if you haven’t already made yours! These cookies are just some standard gingerbread cookies. You can find a wide selection of recipes online. For decoration we used the following:

– Marzipan
– Dark/white chocolate
– Sprinkels
– Cookie cutters

1. Dip half of the cookie in dark or white chocolate.
2. Let the cookies cool of until the chocolate is dry.
3. Start decorating. The cookie cutters can be use to cut out the marzipan – use your imagination!

Merry Christmas!

Sofie Jespersen

Sofie Jespersen

Hey, my name is Sofie Jespersen. I'm currently a fourth year medical student blogging about my creative creations. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.

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