Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Are you in need of a last-minute Christmas gift? Then you’re in luck. A giftcard may not always be the most personal gift, but if you make it yourself and put a little effort into it, it can be. All you need is the following:

– An idea (of what the person might like)
– Google
– Photoshop
– A printer
– Glue
– Thick paper
– A scissor

1. Go to Google Images and type in “ticket” or “certificate“.
2. Pick a simple image of a certificate/ticket with a white background.
3. Download the image.
4. Open the image in Photoshop (or Paint or any other picture editing program).
5. Delete the text and replace it with your own text (e.g. it could be a dinner at a nice restaurant, a cinema trip, a brunch). This can be done fast by just painting over the text. I used different colours to make it look vintage.
6. Print the image after your desired size and glue it onto some thick paper (or just print it on thick paper)
7. Clip out your certificate/ticket – and you’re done.

Sofie Jespersen

Sofie Jespersen

Hey, my name is Sofie Jespersen. I'm currently a fourth year medical student blogging about my creative creations. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.

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