Strawberry Roses

Hello everyone! New Year is just around the corner. Time has come to pop the champagne bottles and you might find yourself thinking what to pair with the bubbles. I have the answer to that: STRAWBERRIES! While I was browsing Pinterest for some inspiration, I found these cute little strawberries that look like roses. I am going to show you how to cut them yourself.

– Strawberries (they need to be firm so they can hold their shape)
– Wooden skewers
– A paring knife


Start by cutting the stem of the strawberry.

Spit the strawberry with a wooden skewer. Push the wooden skewer almost through the whole strawberry and stop just before it reaches the tip of the strawberry.

Place your paring knife in a similar position as the photo above and hold your thumb under the strawberry. Hold the wooden skewer under the strawberry with your other thumb and index finger to keep it in place. Cut down but do not cut all the way through. When you get close to the bottom, angle the knife away from the strawberry so the petal angles outward like in the picture above. In other words you must not cut straight down but follow the strawberry’s slope.

Repeat this around the base of the strawberry three to four times depending on the size and shape of the strawberry.

For the second layer, do they same, but cut these petals so it is positioned between two of the bottom petals. Repeat this around the strawberry tree to four times depending on the size and shape of the strawberry. Now for the center of the rose cut the middle in half or keep repeating these layers until you get to the tip (this can be quite difficult and the strawberry might fall apart because the knife is too big and you will end up cutting the layers of).

If you want to create a bouquet of theses roses just repeat the steps above and put the sticks and a vase/glass.

I hope you enjoyed my step by step guide for some delicious strawberry roses. Happy New Years!

Sofie Jespersen

Sofie Jespersen

Hey, my name is Sofie Jespersen. I'm currently a fourth year medical student blogging about my creative creations. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.

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