The S’ Wonderfull Sheepdog

A drawing I made in memory of my beloved dog, Sacki, that passed away a few months ago. I wanted to try out the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. I used a pencil to sketch the edges. Afterwards I used a watercolour brush and then a little bit of airbrushing to make it look more faded. Then I used an eraser with high transparency on the spots that got a little too much colour and to get the faded effect to look a bit less airbrushed. I also used a little eraser with low transparency to make it look more like brush strokes. A last I used a pencil to make it look like fur and then a 8B HB pencil to draw his cute little nose. Least but not last I used an eraser to get the glance on the nose. I chose the leaves and the stormy weather because we were both born in the autumn.

I love and miss you, Sacki.

Sofie Jespersen

Sofie Jespersen

Hey, my name is Sofie Jespersen. I'm currently a fourth year medical student blogging about my creative creations. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.

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