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“Procrastinator? No.
I save all of my homework until the last minute because then I’ll be older therefore more wise.”

I’m going to introduce myself briefly. I’m a third year medical student, who study at the University of Copenhagen. I have decided to make a blog about my procrastinations from studying that often end up in creative creations. I love designing stuff. I do all from drawings and filmmaking to sewing and baking. It helps me de-stress from an otherwise busy schedule. In pursuing any passion, especially one that takes years of investment, I think it’s important to be able to unwind. I may not be posting something each day or even each week, but I will try to keep this page updated.

You can read more about me at about.

Sofie Jespersen

Sofie Jespersen

Hey, my name is Sofie Jespersen. I'm currently a fourth year medical student blogging about my creative creations. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.

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